My all new blog…

Well, I thought it was about time we had a change of focus, seeing as we don’t grow a lot in our garden at the moment other than weeds and brambles.  So, there is a new name, and it will be more about the children I suspect, and any other musings I might come up with from time to time.

On the topic of children, having had Bean and Pip we now find we are expecting Lentil sometime in the New Year.  We are still getting used to the fact that there will be three little ones running around in a bit – this one was a bit of a surprise.  Bean and Pip are growing onward and upward and in and out and all the rest of it, running us ragged day and night.  The usual.

And for those of you who want to know what spirogyra is, here it is:

See those green spiral-y bits?  They’re the chloroplasts that give it its name.  Spirogyra is that green stuff you find on the surface of lakes and ponds, often known as pond scum.  So there you are, an apt name for a blog I think.


well, the arrival of Pip (3 months ago!) has completely thrown us. we had no time with one child, now we have even less; specifically, no evenings. i knit once a week if i’m lucky and am having knitting withdrawal symptoms. i have finished making a sock creature though which was good as i started her before having Pip. Pip is growing apace, we think she may have inherited the tall genes as (unlike her big sister) she is at the top of the charts and growing out of her clothes fast.

better go now as the simpsons has finished and dinner is ready!

lovely weather!

Hasn’t it been great weather the last few days? wish it would stay like this, but the forecast promises it won’t last the week. we have been making the most of it, taking Bean to the swings or to feed the ducks in the afternoons.

all the sunshine has made me long to get out and do some stuff in the garden, particularly before everything starts growing again. but in my present condition (33 weeks pregnant) its not going to happen – i can barely walk into the village without getting puffed out, so wholesale garden clearance (which is what’s required) is out of the question. i can’t seem to persuade Husband to either, but then he is busy clearing the loft so the joiner can do some stuff up there next week, which i guess is more important. i’m contenting myself with reading gardening books instead (when i’m not frantically trying to finish knitting two jumpers before the baby comes).

there is one glimmer of hope for the garden though. for a while a friend of ours has been promising to bring his mate over and take out the remains of our privet hedge in the back, and (weather permitting) they’re coming next monday. this will be fantastic, as we and our neighbours have already done some clearance along the boundary, and if they can get it finished we’ll get someone in to put up a fence which will look much better, be much easier to maintain, and take up far less space (our garden is only 14′ wide so we need all the space we can get).

this coincides with the arrival of the joiner to start remodelling our house(!), we suspect his first job will be to knock through the wall between the kitchen and the living room for a new doorway, so monday could be a wonderfully destructive day. with Bean safely at the childminders, Husband and i will *enjoy* doing our bit to help – yes, my boot will be going through that wall, baby or no baby!

That’s not my…

the portage lady came today, and she had brought some of the Usbourne ‘that’s not my…’ books for Bean. we already have two, that’s not my puppy and that’s not my dinosaur (courtesy of one of the bamphires) and they are great, though there is a certain sense of deja vu after you’ve seen a few of them.

this prompted Husband to start coming up with ideas for future books in the series, which typically (for him) started with ‘that’s not my isotope, it has too many neutrons’, and ‘that’s not my isotope, it’s atomic mass is too large’, to which I’m afraid i got drawn in and replied, ‘that’s not my isotope, it’s half life is too long’. we decided we’d better stop there and rescue the portage lady from Bean. Goodness knows what she thought, but apologies to everyone…

Doesn’t time go fast…

Can’t believe it’s six months since i last blogged. how bad is that! anyway its been an eventful six months, though i have to say the garden has suffered serious neglect, though that will hopefully soon change… the trouble is, things keep growing…

the good news is that we are expecting no 2 baby, known as Pip, at the end of March. this has inevitably meant four months of sickness for me (worse this time because of having to look after a toddler as well), and actually now i think of it coinciding with when i stopped blogging. however with three months to go i am now in that nice not-too-big-but-with-a-definite-bump-so-everyone-knows-i’m-pregnant phase. and this one’s just a wriggly as Bean was.

the bad news is that Husband was made redundant on Monday, but it’s not all bad as he will be at home for the next few months on garden leave instead of working his notice, which will mean we can go on holiday, and he can look after Bean a bit more and get involved with her speech therapy and so on. and he will be at home for the baby arriving. maybe some stuff in the garden and the house will get done as well…


my mangetout plants have grown apace, and today i picked the first crop – yay! ok, so it was less than a dozen pods all a bit on the small side, but it is the promise of things to come. i also thinned out the french bean seedlings so when the mangetout finish hopefully we’ll have beans.

then there’s the brassicas. a friend gave me some brassica plants, i think they’re kale and broccoli though i don’t know which are which. so i’ve put them in and tried to cover them with netting over a frame made from gazebo poles (eat your heart out, o moustachio’d one!). the last (and only) time i grew brassicas they were completely demolished by caterpillars leaving very fat catepillars and very stringy plants, so i’m trying to avoid that this time. my problem stems from the width of the netting: it’s not wide enough to go over the whole frame, so i’ve got two pieces on but one keeps blowing off. i think i’m going to have to resort to a needle and thread, quite literally, and then at least it’ll fit the frame even if i can’t get it off very easily.

i finally managed to plant out the courgette plant, another gift, this time from a colleague of hubby’s so he had to bring it home from work on the train. it’s a lovely plant, or at least it was till it came here. anyway, its in the ground now, with a cardboard mulch around it, so hopefully we might see some courgettes later on too. i’ve never had the problem of too many courgettes, in fact i’ve never had more than two, but we love them so bring it on!

knitting itch

i’ve got the knitting itch again – after a period of sewing (a cushion – for my grandparents’ diamond wedding anniversary – if the photos come out i’ll post them) i’m back to the knitting with a vengeance. i’ve started a cardigan for Bean and am dying to get my hands on it again. [wistful voice] is it *too* rude to take it to homegroup with me…?!


Bean is supposed to be going into hospital today to have one of her meds changed. they didn’t have a bed for her this morning but should have one at lunchtime so we have to phone back in a bit. at least it saved me driving through the rush hour to get there but now we are sitting around twiddling our thumbs waiting. [twiddle, twiddle] So i thought i’d blog a bit instead. [twiddle, twiddle]

ah well, life is full of these mindless moments.

and now a word from Bean herself:


there you go – not sure which word it is but its a word. think we’d better go now.


there was a comment on the local news this morning, about the proposed congestion charge in Manchester. Apparently there are fears that it might price people off the road. thought that was rather the point?